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iFaST-Solutions is a privately owned Information Technology Services company based in Peshawar, Pakistan, with its sub offices in different countries of the globe.

Our Services

iFast Solutions

iFaST-Solutions renders different IT services to its clients. We are highly competent of delivering any level of challenge a project offers in the following domains.

Customized Software Applications

iFaST-Solutions core expertise are in customized software applications. Our team has developed a number of web based and desktop applications for different organization across the globe. Choosing iFaST-Solutions allows its clients to create their own IT solutions in a cost-effective and efficient way. We have the capability to provide the technical solution to ensure the success of the client’s business strategy. Our Software Development Team’s Technical skill set comprises of different technologies namely:

Web Based Technologies: .... PHP, ASP, JSP, Java, AJAX, Javascript, DHTML, XML,XSL, XSLT

Other Technologies: ..... C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, Java etc

Databases: .....Oracle 11g/10g, MySQL, SQL Server

Systems Analysis and Design

iFaST-Solutions provides services for its clients in System Analysis and Design domain. Systematic and organized requirement analysis services are provided for a wide range of domains through highly qualified and experienced system analysts and domain experts. We deliver requirement and functional specification documents along with Application and database Design documents. To accomplish the task most modern technologies and techniques like Unified Modeling Language (UML) are adopted.

Contract Programming

iFaST-Solutions can supplement client’s IT department if its staff doesn’t have expertise with particular technologies. Our systems engineers and solutions architects are certified and experienced in various technologies. Our IT Professional’s expertise combined with innovative approach always complete the project much before the given deadlines.

Technical Systems Design

iFaST-Solutions works closely with its clients to design complex technical systems. The design documents which we provide ultimately become the basis for system development and testing. These documents not only provide the design specifications but also recommend the hardware configurations that best suits its clients business needs. Our designed technical systems are now the back bone of our different client’s businesses across the globe.


iFaST-Solutions renders services for its clients to customize any existing solutions. Our IT experts have a vast experience of customizing different solutions based on any new requirements that may arise either due to advancement in technology or because of change in business strategies. These customizations are carried out after the detailed analysis at client’s site.

IT Consultancy

Being provider of Information Technology Consultancy services, iFaST-Solutions knows what mechanism is required to fulfill its client’s IT requirements. We know the formulas, methods and techniques that can make an IT Project a complete success. After the initial analysis phase our consultants work closely with client’s design and development team to make the vision come true. We not only advice our clients on the directions but also recommend them choosing the solution, vendor, technology and assist them during deployment and even after implementations.


iFaST-Solutions has been providing training solutions to small and large corporations since 1999. Our Training solutions include a wide variety of IT training workshops and program offerings. Course outlines serve as a starting point of discussion to tailor the development of training programs to the needs and goals of our clients. IT Training program is modeled using proven principles of instructional design and incorporating adult learning and change management theory.

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  • iFaST-Solutions works with its clients in a collaborative way to properly understand their needs and then implements solutions and services together with clients, to make a genuine difference in the way clients operate their businesses. The result is improved quality of work. Our solutions and services meet the challenging requirements of our clients because we put knowledge first.
  • iFaST-Solutions believes in sustaining long-term relationships with its clients – dynamic relationships that allow room for continuous improvement, enhancement and growth. iFaST-Solutions delivers consulting services and technology solutions to both government and private sectors including banking & finance, energy, education, government, health and media. The sector-based services are complimented by highly specialized capabilities in software development, security services, infrastructure, hosting and training.